Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Been hanging out in Boise Idaho for the last few days. I Have met some really nice people here. Been hanging with Jimmy a bunch from the Boise Bicycle Project. He has been really supportive of what I am doing. The space that BBP occupies is an old mission and shelter and a lot of the old signage is still around. The space itself is huge but segmented in to many smaller rooms. Parts and frames are sorted and stack all ove rthe place and because of building set up the space is ver maze like. Before too long the project will have a new space and whie smaller will most likey be more conducive to keeping things in order. Currently the people who volunteer there time her are reluctant to puttign work into teh space they have when they know they will not be there much longer. I had a chance to se the propsed space that they will move into and I think it will serve them well. They are hosting a slew of community bicycle events and seem like they are really putting themselves out there for the community.

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