Thursday, February 5, 2009

OK, so this is the first little note that I am writing on my new blog. At the moment I am still here in Tucson Arizona, I am spending a lot of my time at BICAS ( and getting geared up for this book project. At first I was only going to be driving to locations to take pictures. I then realized how lame it was to be documenting a culture that is trying to counteract the dominance of the automobile from my truck. Then I was thinking how it also would be difficult to be carrying around Expensive digital equipment and sleeping by the roadside. So I came to a compromise. I will bring my bike with me on my truck. I will go to a location set up camp and use that location as a hub to travel out from for a small group of mini bicycle tours. If a location is incredibly far I will drive to it and set up camp there.

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